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Asiamet Faces Surge In Trading Volume Following Protest Rumours
19th Oct 2018

Trading volume in Asiamet shares are 600% above the monthly average, as investors look to take advantage of the recent dip in price the company experienced following the speculation regarding protests in the Nagan Raya area where its Beutong asset is located.

  • Afternoon Press Headlines
    19th Oct 2018

    Philip Hammond gets a £10 billion boost for Budget spending after fall in borrowing, China growth slowest since financial crisis as trade war looms.

  • Andalas Energy Pushes For Near Term Strategy
    19th Oct 2018

    Andalas Energy (ADL), recently released its corporate presentation to the public underlining its new ongoing strategy. The oil and gas exploration and production company explores opportunities in assets in the UK and Indonesia. 

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    19th Oct 2018

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  • Live Company Group (LVCG) and Russ Mould on (ZYT) (RCN) & (THS)
    19th Oct 2018

    On today's podcast: David Ciclitira, Executive Chairman of Live Company Group (LVCG) talks about their recent acquisition of Bright Bricks and about general progress at the company. Also Russ Mould, Investment Director at stockbroker AJ Bell talks about: Zytronic (ZYT), Redcentric (RCN) & Tharisa (THS).

  • Smithson Investment Trust Raises £822.5m After Initial Placing
    17th Oct 2018

    The newly established investment trust is to be overseen by Mr. Terry Smith, the experienced industry veteran with a strong track record, as Chief Investment Officer. Smith's investment philosophy is to buy and hold, ideally forever, high-quality businesses that will continually compound in value, having achieved tremendous success with the Tullet Prebon pension fund and the Fundsmith equity fund. 

  • Vast Resources And Botswana Diamonds Proceed with Joint Venture To Mine Marange Diamond Field
    17th Oct 2018

    Vast Resources (VAST) and Botswana Diamonds (BOD) received an independent Competent Person's preliminary geological assessment of the Heritage Concession within the prolific Marange Diamond Fields of Zimbabwe, prompted the parties to proceed with the full Joint Venture Agreement with Red Mercury for exclusive mining rights.

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