5 Things You Need To Know, Today, on Monday 25th November 2019
Justin Waite
5 Things You Need To Know
06:20, 25th November 2019

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5 Things You Need To Know, Today, on Monday 25th November 2019

5. Tesla has received almost 150,000 orders for its new pickup truck, boss Elon Musk has said, despite an embarrassing hiccup at its launch.

Mr Musk was caught out on stage when the windows of the Cybertruck shattered during a demonstration supposed to show their durability.

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4. Frozen 2 raked in $127 million (£98.9 million) in its opening weekend in the US, beating forecasts and the box office debut of the original Frozen.

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3. Two top energy firms say they have moved ownership of their UK operations overseas to protect themselves from Labour's nationalisation plans.

In recent months, National Grid has opened offshore holding companies in Hong Kong and Luxembourg, while SSE has incorporated in Switzerland.

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2. Labour has vowed to "put bad landlords out of business" and bring in rent controls in England, if it wins power.

Private rents would not be allowed to go up by more than inflation - and landlords would be fined for letting out sub-standard property.

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1. The Conservative Party manifesto contained no rabbits out of the hat, no huge tax cut - but a promise not to raise them - and no big new spending item.

In total there's £3bn in extra spending which is much smaller than Liberal Democrats' and especially Labour's proposed budget and the Conservative claim it is all covered by a net tax rise of the same amount.

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