Connectivity Between Wells Presents Production Opportunity for Anglo African Oil & Gas
Anita Riotta
Company News
08:29, 3rd January 2019

Anglo African Oil & Gas plc FOLLOW, an independent oil and gas developer, has brought back into production a well in their Tilapia field in the Republic of Congo. The well, TLP-101, had been taken offline due to the proximity of a flare to the drilling apparatus.  

The flare has since been relocated and drilling has re-commenced, producing an average of 55 bopd during a two week test period.

During this pause, a reservoir engineering company conducting a full review of the TLP-101, as well as TLP-102, well, finding connectivity between the two wells. Should AAOG utilize this connectivity to establish TLP-102 as a water injector into TLP-101, the latter well’s production could rise up to 400 bopd. 

While focus has been on the third well in AAOG’S Tilapia field, TLP-103, since the well successfully intersected with hydrocarbons early into drilling, the connectivity discovered between TLP-101 and TLP-102 represents a real opportunity for a production boost for the company.

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