Powerhouse Energy, Futura Medical and Chris Bailey
Justin Waite
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11:51, 18th April 2019

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On today's Vox Markets Podcast: Powerhouse Energy, Futura Medical and Chris Bailey

David Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of PowerHouse Energy (PHE) FOLLOW discusses the significance of their first revenue generating contract.

PowerHouse Energy has developed a proprietary process technology - DMG® - which can utilise waste plastic, end-of-life-tyres, and other waste streams to efficiently and economically convert them into syngas from which valuable products such as chemical precursors, hydrogen, electricity and other industrial products may be derived. The PowerHouse technology is one of the world’s first proven, modular, hydrogen from waste (HfW) process. The PowerHouse DMG® process can generate in excess of 1 tonne of road-fuel quality H2, and more than 28MW/h of exportable electricity per day. The PowerHouse process produces low levels of safe residues and requires a small operating footprint, making it suitable for deployment at enterprise and community level.

James Barder, Chief Executive Officer of Futura Medical (FUM) FOLLOW talks about their lead drugs, their progress and milestones approaching.

Futura Medical plc (AIM: FUM), is a pharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of innovative products based on its proprietary, transdermal DermaSys® drug delivery technology. These products are optimised for clinical efficacy, safety, administration and patient convenience and are developed for the prescription and consumer healthcare markets as appropriate. Current therapeutic areas are sexual health, including erectile dysfunction, and pain relief. Development and commercialisation strategies are designed to maximise product differentiation and value creation whilst minimising risk.

(Interview starts at 14 minutes 7 seconds)

Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey founder of Financial Orbit covers:

Unilever (ULVR) FOLLOW

Polymetal (POLY) FOLLOW


(Interview starts at 25 minutes 48 seconds)

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