Strategic Minerals Commences Exploration Drilling At Leigh Creek Copper Mine
Abraham Darwyne
Company News
10:34, 12th October 2018

Strategic Minerals (SML) FOLLOW, the mineral development and production company focused on prospects with battery materials, announced it has commenced drilling for additional copper resources at the Leigh Creek Copper mine (LCCM).

The programme was part of the company strategy to restart operations at the copper mine, with an existing JORC resource of 24,000 tonnes.

Investors are closely watching the way batteries and other technologies are developing as a key driver in the economic outlook of copper resources.

The company has intentions to start operations mid-2019, expecting a four to five year project timeline.

However, accessing additional copper resources on existing mining leases and in smaller nearby holdings has the potential to double the expected project life.

The company also seeks to identify a Copper Sulphide deposit which, if discovered, would likely be a “game changer” for the Leigh Creek Copper Mine and Strategic Minerals.

Commenting, John Peters, Managing Director of Strategic Minerals, said: 

“The Chairman, Alan Broome, and I recently completed a review workshop of the LCCM project with the full LCCM project team and we are both encouraged that the metallurgical testwork and preliminary open pit evaluation is progressing successfully.”

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