Tekcapital’s Guident introduces control software for autonomous vehicles 

Francesca Morgan
Francesca Morgan
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08:59, 4th May 2021

Tekcapital (TEK FOLLOW) said its portfolio company, Guident, has successfully demonstrated its remote-control technology which will be used in the first remote monitoring and control center (RMCC) for autonomous vehicles which is to be launched later this year in Florida.  

Guident, a developer of software for improving the safety of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and delivery robots of which Tekcapital owns 100%, said the RMCC will be able to monitor multiple vehicles from a remote, secure monitoring centre, akin to air traffic control. 

The remote-control software, which is also known as teleoperations, leverages a secure, low-latency connection. Its goal is to rapidly track the location, monitor the surroundings and when necessary, take over control of AVs in the event of an accident or mishap. 

Guident believes this center will provide last mile delivery fleet operators with an additional level of safety, whilst complying with Florida law, which requires a remote monitoring and control centre for AV's that do not have drivers or safety operators within the vehicles. 

Guident's RMCC is covered by six U.S. patents, several with foreign counterparts and proprietary software designed to enhance the safety of autonomous deliveries. 

According to Triton Market Research "the last mile AV delivery market autonomous vehicle market is expected to reach $41.7 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 19%. 

Contactless or "touch-free" delivery is in high-demand since the pandemic and Guident believes this increased demand will accelerate the roll-out of land-based delivery drones for food and medicines to improve their availability and reduce the costs of these deliveries. 

We are incredibly pleased to announce the successful introduction of our secure software platform designed to power our RMCC,” said Harald Braun, Chairman & CEO of Guident. 

He added “This system is device-agnostic, works with any 5G public mobile or private LTE network and has reduced signal latency when compared with traditional telemetric video monitoring and control systems.” 

Commenting on the successful demonstration, Dr Clifford M. Gross, Executive Chairman of Tekcapital said, "Its exciting to see the significant and rapid progress of Guident.” 

View from Vox 

Today’s news follows the Group’s recently published ‘record results’ for the year ended 30 November 2020 in which the value of its portfolio holdings increased by 50% over the year. 

The Company told investors that it is exploring early-stage venture funding and conducting equity crowdfunding for some of its portfolio companies in order to accelerate growth.  

Shares in Tekcapital have increased by 9.5% in value over the past month alone. The stock was trading 5.65% higher this morning at 12.15p following the company’s announcement. 

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