Vox Markets’ new Spotlight podcast: an investigation of the growing cannabis sector

Anita Riotta
Spotlight Podcast
12:24, 1st February 2019

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Spotlight is a new podcast series from Vox Markets that sheds light on sectors, trends, and innovations that the market has largely overlooked. Spotlight connects with change-makers to examine how fresh ideas and unexpected approaches are working to create real investment opportunities. 

Today, we look at the highly complex, yet undeniably booming, cannabis market.  Historically, the potential cannabis market has been hampered by its stigmatisation and broad illegality. However, regulations regarding cannabis legalisation in the EU are rapidly changing; in just November of this year, the UK allowed doctors to write prescriptions for medicinal cannabis, and Luxembourg became the first EU country to legalize cannabis for recreational use. And as global momentum grows, entrepreneurs are now flooding the sector to provide a range of services that are clearly lacking.

An industry report estimates that in 10 years, the total cannabis market could be worth over £100 billion. Yet, with uncertainty regarding legalization and a public stigma that remains hard to shake, some remain wary of jumping into this pivotal moment in cannabis markets development.

We talked with cannabis experts, from growers to consultants and investors, to separate fact from fiction in this fickle, nascent yet ever-growing market. 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our wonderful guests: David Burden, Director of The London Botanists; Hadley Ford, CEO and Director of iAnthus Capital; Roy Bingham, Co-Founder and CEO of BDS Analytics; George McBride, Founder and CEO of Hanway Associates.

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