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Episode 1 – The Very, Very Alternative Money Podcast

On the first Very Very Alternative Money Programme podcast presenters David Stevenson and Ben Davies explore a range of out of the box investment ideas. David looks at prospects for L&G, Ben argues that gold prices could breeze past $2,000 an ounce and both discuss the rise of new online payment transmission systems, all of which could help ease in helicopter money. All this plus credit ratings rebooted and what next for the oil price.


G$SP as JPEG for podcast

The topical ‘Chart of the Week’ – Gold.

The Very Very Alternative Money programme is a regular bi-monthly podcast looking at investing big and small. Presenters David Stevenson and Ben Davies explore big macro ideas impacting everything from oil prices through equity indices as well as more stock specific ideas, mostly focused on rather alternative ideas. The bantering duo can also be relied on every once in a while to talk a great deal about gold, helicopter money, alternative investing, adventurous ETFs and odd small cap stocks.


David Stevenson is the FT’s regular Adventurous Investor columnist and also writes as the Contrarian column for Investment Week. He’s a regular Money Week columnist and is rather obsessively fixated on exchange traded funds and investment trusts – he’s even written one of the key books on ETFs and sits on two investment trust boards. David is also executive director at alternative finance site www.altfi.com

Ben Davies is a hedge fund manager and digital entrepreneur. A former investment bank trader he set up Hinde Capital with Mark Mahaffey and has a peerless track record as an investor in gold. He’s now working on a big new project called Glint in the payments space and is partnering with David and Mark to produce the regular Hindesight Letters. And if all this wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Ben is well known as a market leading commentator, with a focus on big macro stories and the importance of real assets.