Low-Sodium Salt Producer Salarius Appoints Victor Manzanilla As CEO

Low-Sodium Salt Producer Salarius Appoints Victor Manzanilla As CEO


Salarius, the producer of low-sodium salt product Microsalt, has just appointed a new CEO.

Victor H. Manzanilla has management experience at a number Fortune 500 companies, most recently as the Marketing Director for business services & supplies provider Office Supply, which has 1,400 stores in North America.

He also spent 12 years at Procter & GambleTM, holding positions such as Home Care Marketing Innovation Manager and Brand Manager for Global New Business Development for Febreze®.

In addition to this, Victor has also authored two books, Awaken Your Inner Hero and Your Moment is Now, which were both published by HarperCollins, and has over 1m followers on his blog.

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What does Salarius do?

Salarius has developed a patented process for producing the world’s smallest edible salt crystals. 

These crystals are designed to give the full flavour with half the sodium found in traditional salt.

Salarius, which is a portfolio company of Tekcapital (TEK), aims to commercialise Microsoft to help improve the nutritional content of food.


Dr. Clifford Gross, Chairman at Tekcapital said: “We are delighted that Salarius has appointed Victor Manzanilla as its CEO.

“We believe he is a remarkable individual with the skills and experience necessary to build a global brand utilizing Salarius’ proprietary low-sodium technology. 

“Now more than ever, consumers require healthy options to improve their wellbeing and Salarius’ goal is to enable them to have these choices with significantly less sodium.

“We consider the appointment of Victor Manzanilla as a significant milestone in the development and commercialization of Salarius.”

Salarius’ equity structure

With his appointment, the new CEO has purchased 2.5% of Salarius shares through his consulting firm VHM Global Research for $50,000. 

Following this purchase, Tekcapital now owns 97.5% of the share capital of low-sodium salt producer.

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