Lucyd Launches eShop To Sell Next Gen Smart Glasses

Lucyd Launches eShop To Sell Next Gen Smart Glasses


Tekcapital portfolio company Lucyd has just launched a new online shop to sell its next generation smart glasses.

The Lucyd-developed glasses available on the eShop link with users’ mobile phones via Bluetooth, giving them a number of smartphone-style functions.

Lucyd’s smart glasses have voice & touch control features, allowing wearers to take calls, send texts and use apps completely handsfree.


The wearables – which have eight hours of active listening time – also use designer frames, and consumers can customise the glasses with a variety of lens options.

Speaking about the launch, Harrison Gross, the Media Lead at Lucyd, said: “We are very excited to announce the launch of our eShop.

“The goal of Lucyd is to upgrade your eyewear, with the style and technology that fits you perfectly. 

“We believe our eShop will transform eyeglass shopping into a fun, new experience.”

The eShop also lets consumers try before you buy with a “virtual try-on app”, and gives them the chance to pose eye health questions to licensed optometrist & science advisor Dr. Ira A. Clement for free.


When we spoke to Tekcapital CEO Dr. Clifford Gross last month, he talked about Lucyd’s focus and the company’s plans for the future, saying: “We believe they have found some white space in the augmented reality marketplace, and they have the unique perspective that Lucyd is really about upgrading your eyewear.

“We think glasses are coming to a new inflection point. Since being invented in Pisa in 1290, for over 700 years glasses were just about correcting visual problems, and that’s been done very well, but now there’s a chance to build on that by adding additional information tools to enhance your visual experience.”

The company is also continuing to develop new smartglasses, prototypes of which are expected to be available in early 2019.

Tekcapital is an AIM-listed company that seeks to create marketplace value by investing in & acquiring university-developed technology & intellectual property.

You can check out the eShop now here,  follow news about Tekcapital by clicking here & tapping the Follow button.

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