Track Stock News & Get RNS Alerts With Vox Markets App

Track Stock News & Get RNS Alerts With Vox Markets App

Vox Markets is the easiest way to track news and updates about the stock market companies you follow.

As well as offering live RNS alerts & push notifications, Vox Markets also aggregates detailed information on UK listed companies like essential pricing data, broker notes, analyst research and press mentions onto one community platform.

On Vox Markets you can do the following, and much more:

Follow UK companies: Follow any UK listed company, whether FTSE, Main Market or AIM.

RNS alerts: Get push notification alerts every time a company you follow releases an RNS.

Pricing data: See up-to-date prices, detailed charts, winners & losers and more.

Research: Read the latest broker notes and analyst research.

Track stock news: Follow companies and get all their news updates delivered into a single feed.

Save time researching: We aggregate vital company information like financials, board details and key dates into one place.

Share: Like, comment & share your thoughts on the platform.

– And much more…

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