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Today we could be defined as small but we are already award winning, industry recognised and growing at lightning speed!

Even at this young age we recognise that it is important both internally and externally that we clarify and convey our current culture. With that in mind we asked everyone in the team to give us their insight and we have now agreed that the following core values define us and expect all that join Vox Markets to embrace:


Everyone that works here has a passion for the product and our overall purpose. Even if you are new to FinTech and the world of Investor Relations you need to bring passion and belief. We are always striving for excellence, constantly innovating and our clients and employees experience is paramount to our success.

Trust & Respect

In our office we have a number of cultures and languages embraced across the floor. This diversity is great fun and means we all bring different life experiences and ideas to the table. Ultimatey we trust and respect each other to deliver on our responsibilites and are grateful for the skills and experience each person brings.

Open Mindedness

We offer a company culture of empowerment and encourage people to speak up and positively challenge the product and service offering. It is currently a flat structure and whilst this will develop through our growth we will maintain this culture of openness. With this is mind there is no room for big egos here, you will need to be a self-starter and have a hard enough skin to deal with the challenges that come.


Yes we are ambitious, lean and hardworking with no day being the same BUT we appreciate the need for a work/life balance and have an incredibly social office environment.

If you are lucky enough to join the team and this journey it is our aim that every employees enjoys their time here, is successful in all aspects of life and reaches their full potential.

It is not always going to be an easy ride but it will certainly be a rewarding one.