Compliance - Vox Markets



In keeping with financial regulation and industry standard practice, Vox Markets is pleased to work with compliance officers.

Request access

If you are a compliance officer, please contact us to arrange a call. One of our support team will be happy to verify your credentials and permit you access to the appropriate data when you choose to request it. All data requests will be manually processed by a member of our technical support team within 72 hours. Our technical team also welcome any questions you or your IT support team may have regarding our service.

Security and QA

Vox Markets uses the HTTPS protocol across the site.

Chat messages are stored in our database in 128-bit encrypted format, to ensure private communication between users. All chat messages are stored for 7 years. The messages themselves are transferred between users using the HTTPS protocol, thereby allowing reliable and secure messaging.

Squawks and other typed messages are safely encoded prior before they are saved to our database to mitigate against malicious scripts from being executed at the recipient’s end.

At Vox Markets’ discretion, users may be selectively prohibited from squawking or exchanging chat messages with other users.