Angle (AGL.L) 69p £99.72m The liquid biopsy company, announced that the first phase of its ovarian cancer clinical verification study has reported positive results. The pre-study, undertaken by Dr. Richard Moore and colleagues at the University of Rochester Medical Center Wilmot Cancer Institute (Rochester), was designed to evaluate the use of ANGLE's modified and further optimised ParsortixTM and HyCEADTM Ziplex® platfor-ms as a simple blood test to detect the presence of ovarian cancer in women with a pelvic mass, in a clinical setting and with clinical samples. The pre-study results demonstrate that the optimisation of the sample-to-answer molecular solution has been successful, paving the way to initiate the 200 subject ovarian cancer clinical verification study of patients who are presenting with a pelvic mass and scheduled for surgery. A positive outcome from the clinical verification study would support ANGLE's plans to launch a clinical assay for the detection of ovarian cancer in women with an abnormal pelvic mass. This study is expected to start in early Q3 CY19 and is projected to complete in Q1 CY20.
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