Chariot Oil & Gas Chariot has given an update on the Development Feasibility Study and Gas Market Assessment which have completed with regard to the Anchois Gas Field in Morocco. In the detail are that the development is technically feasible and has the potential to be done either by a single phase or a staged development to ‘commercially optimise access to different parts of the gas market’. The options include a ‘subsea to shore’ concept which, using industry standard technical solutions and equipment, ties subsea wells via a manifold and a subsea flowline and umbilical, connect the field to an onshore CPF and then into the Maghreb-Europe Gas pipeline. The study also showed the potential to re-enter the Anchois-1 gas discovery well which may be completed as a producer. From that stage the market in Morocco becomes important and we know that demand is growing strongly in-country and with internationally high prices which make the project commercially highly attractive. With an EIA already under way the project could see appraisal operations in 2020. Along with this and a Drilling EIA, the opening up of the partnering process should lead to a wide range of potential strategic partners ‘throughout the energy value train’. All in all Chariot appear to be getting on in the exciting Lixus Offshore Licence and prospects are looking most interesting.
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