Cadence Minerals Plc (KDNC.L) Announced that DEV Mineração S.A ("DEV"), owner of the Amapá iron ore project (Amapá Project) continues to hit its operation targets, with the movement of the stockpile to the public port scheduled commence this month and shipping to occur in early Q3 2020. The shipment of the stockpile was approved by the commercial court of São Paulo and announced on 14 April 2020 and was supported by the judicial administrators and other creditors of DEV. The secured creditors have objected to the commercial court of São Paulo in relation to its decision and on 12 June 2020 after market hours filed a petition, none the less the original ruling still remains in force. As mentioned in previous announcements there remains only one major precondition for Cadence to make its initial investment in the Amapá Project and release the sum currently held in escrow in a judicial trust account ("Escrow Monies"). This precondition requires DEV to reach a settlement agreement with the secured bank creditors. On satisfaction of the prerequisites and the release of the Escrow monies, Cadence will become a 20% shareholder in the Amapá Project via our joint venture company which will own 99.9% of Dev. #KDNC
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