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The Telegraph 02/12/19

Goldman Sachs is betting on a “Boris boom” and a surge of foreign fund flows into Britain if the election delivers a clear outcome, propelling faster economic growth through the early 2020s than in the struggling eurozone. The US investment bank expects a “Brexit Breakthrough” and a catch-up surge in undervalued UK assets as one of its top seven trade ideas for 2020, advising clients to take the plunge on sterling and beaten-down equities in the domestic sector. “We have identified more than $150bn (£116bn) of UK inflows that could be unlocked by some progress towards Brexit resolution. The upcoming election will reset the Parliamentary arithmetic and potentially clear the way,” it said.

The Vienna meetings of the Opec oil cartel can be uncompromising affairs. At the end of the two-day gatherings at the secretariat’s Helferstorferstrasse headquarters comes a ritual alarmingly known as the “gang-bang”. When the doors are flung open at the end, hordes of analysts, consultants and journalists flood the room in a pell-mell dash to extract intelligence from the oil ministers.