Frontier IP Group Plc (FIPP.L) Announced that Parkside Architectural Tiles (Parkside), the commercial arm of Topps Tiles plc serving the architecture and design market, is to launch an exclusive range of sustainable tiles made by the Group's portfolio company Alusid (Alusid or the Company). The company holds a 35.6% stake in the company. Separately, the company announced that it is hosting an event jointly with the Royal Academy of Engineering (the Academy) on the evening of 08 April 2019. Separately, the company announced that Robert Bosch Limited (Bosch UK) has entered into an agreement to work with portfolio company Pulsiv Solar (Pulsiv or the Company) to optimise the design of the company's energy-efficient solar micro-inverter prototype. The company holds an 18.9% stake in Pulsiv.
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