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AIM Risers & Small Cap News Roundup
17th August 2018

Read our roundup of today's small cap news headlines & AIM risers, featuring a new contract win by 7digital, a share increase for specialist flooring company Airea, Venture Life group’s trading update & interim results, Biffa’s £16.2m acquisition of Weir Waste Services and Independent Oil & Gas’ £15m loan - read the full market roundup here.

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    17th Aug 2018 20:22
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    17th Aug 2018 14:35
  • Simon Cole, Chief Executive Officer of 7digital (7DIG)
    17th Aug 2018 14:34
  • 7digital (7DIG) BigDish (Dish) Bonhill Group (BONH) plus Russ Mould and John Meyer
    17th Aug 2018 14:19
  • Richard Wilkins, Chief Financial Officer of Phoenix Global Mining
    16th Aug 2018 15:48
  • Phil Cleggett, Head of Corporate Development for Emmerson (EML)
    16th Aug 2018 13:34