5 Things You Need To Know, Today, on Thursday 6th December 2018
Anita Riotta
5 Things You Need To Know
09:40, 6th December 2018

5 Things You Need To Know, Today, on Thursday 6th of December 2018

Five financial stories trending today, including the revelation of Facebook's intentional user data harvesting

5. A $250 Biohack is changing everyday life for those living with diabetes

This piece looks into the fascinating world of 'biohacking.' Like 15 year-old Sydney's 'homemade' pancreas that allows her to monitor her diabetes from an app-- reducing the time and energy she and her parents have to devote to keeping healthy insulin levels. The potential of open-sourced science has been a dream of some for many years, but are we witnessing it take hold?

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4. Reuters poll: Sterling's fate hangs on Brexit and UK growth will be weak

The Reuters poll found that if, on December 11th, Theresa May's Brexit deal is agreed to then the sterling will gain 3.5%. However, should the deal fail to pass the sterling will have a knee-jerk reaction of falling by 2.75%.

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3. The Financial Times released its Women in 2018: The Change Makers Series, highlighting female leaders across sectors

The series serves as a look into the year's most pervasive stories and trends through the women that are shaking up their fields. Among those featured are Nadia Murad, the Nobel Peace Prize winner who survived Isis, and Indian journalist Sandhya Menon on reforms necessary in India.

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2. Facebook emails reveal the company tried to hide data collection from users and take out competitors

250 pages of internal Facebook emails, published by British lawmakers yesterday, showed the company undermining competitors, consciously obfuscating their user data collection, and urging employees to seek growth at all costs. The company portrayed by these emails is a far cry from the network focused solely on human connection promoted by top Facebook executives like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg in recent hearings over Facebook's data use.

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1. Huawei CFO arrested in Canada per US extradition request

Canadian officials arrested Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's CFO and daughter of its founder, on Wednesday. While the US justice department has not issued a statement, move is seen as the latest in a series by western governments to stem Huawei's reach on security grounds. The arrest is also likely to reignite trade tensions between Trump and XI just days after their attempt to soften the trade conflict at the G20 summit.

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