Audioboom, Polarean and Arix Bioscience
Justin Waite
Vox Markets Podcast with Justin Waite
12:49, 21st June 2019

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On today's Vox Markets Podcast: Audioboom, Polarean and Arix Bioscience

Rob Proctor, Chief Executive Officer of Audioboom (BOOM) FOLLOW covers recent news including their podcast content funding guarantee arrangement and their collaboration with Studio71.

Audioboom is the leading global podcast company, consolidating the business of on-demand audio, making content accessible, wide-reaching and profitable for podcasters, advertisers and brands. Audioboom operates internationally, with operations and global partnerships across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and addresses the issue of disparate podcast services by putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together under one umbrella, creating a user-friendly, economical experience. (Interview starts at minutes seconds)

Richard Hullihen, CEO of Polarean (POLX) FOLLOW discusses the progress they are making in their Phase III Clinical Trials and milestone coming up.

Located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, Polarean Imaging plc. designs and manufactures equipment for production of hyperpolarized xenon or helium gas. When used in conjunction with MRI, these gases offer a fundamentally new and non-invasive functional imaging platform. Current investigational uses include identifying early diagnoses of respiratory diseases as well as monitoring progression and therapeutic response. In addition, xenon gas exhibits solubility and signal properties that enable it to be imaged within other tissues and organs. Polarean Imaging plc. hyperpolarization systems are currently sold in the United States and internationally for research and investigational applications only.

(Interview starts at 22 minutes 10 seconds)

Jonathan Tobin, Investment Director Arix Bioscience (ARIX) FOLLOW provides an insight into their portfolio, investment process and strategy.

Arix Bioscience is a global venture capital company focused on investing in and building breakthrough biotech companies around cutting edge advances in life sciences. We collaborate with exceptional entrepreneurs and provide the capital, expertise and global networks needed to help accelerate their ideas into important new treatments for patients. As a listed company, we are able to bring this exciting growth phase of our industry to a broader range of investors

(Interview starts at 32 minutes 44 seconds)

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