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Battery maker Gelion notes progress on Zinc Bromide and Lithium Sulfur projects

12:16, 6th July 2023
Victor Parker
Analyst Comment

Battery maker Gelion (GELN)Follow | GELN updated markets on its Zinc Bromide cell research programme, and advances made on its Lithium Sulfur solution.

In regards to the Zinc Bromide (ZnBr2) project, Gelion highlighted three priorities - safety, energy density, and cost. To that end, the company launched a 12-month ZnBr2 research programme earlier this year.

The programme yielded strong early progress on the anode side, reducing and potentially eliminating the need to fully discharge the battery periodically for maintenance. However, the programme also identified potential safety concerns on the cathode side. Gelion said it is addressing those by migrating to a new zinc solution.

The battery maker expects to validate the potential of its Zinc battery technology over the next 6 months and report back in early 2024.

"...We are confident that the migration of our Zinc technology path takes us to where our solutions will be safe and cost effective, with energy densities suitable for applications in the ecosystem surrounding lead acid today as intended. Satisfying all three requirements is extremely rare and we are confident that this will make our solution highly desirable." said John Wood, CEO.

Gelion’s Zinc Bromide batteries for stationary storage offer significant advantages that have the potential to shift the market by outcompeting Li-Ion technology. These include long cycle life, low production costs, and deep-discharge capability. The batteries can also survive in harsh climates as their chemistry allows operation in high-temperature environments without a need for cooling or risk of exploding.

Regarding its Lithium Sulfur solution, Gelion said it has been encouraged by progress made on IP acquired from Johnson Matthey that has been combined with its own technology. As a result, Gelion intends to ramp up the testing capacity of its R&D facilities dedicated to the project by 50%. Scheduled to be operational in September 2023, the Sydney-based site should speed up the company's prototyping toward cell development.

GELN shares rose 4.7% on the announcement.

On the financial front, Gelion remains well-funded with cash of £14.4m and a debt-free balance sheet. The company is on target to deliver FY23 results in line with expectations.

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