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BSF Enterprise’s 3D Bio-Tissues progresses two key partnership products

10:29, 24th November 2023
Lauren Gibbons
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BSF Enterprise (BSFAFollow | BSFA, a biotech company focused on lab-grown meat, has provided an update on the company's partnership progress across several of 3DBT's product verticals.

Teaming up with a global cosmetic leader, 3DBT's Etsyl™, is undergoing tests for the suitability of the company's proprietary lipopeptide product, Etsyl™, for use within its skin cream cosmetic solutions. 3DBT is using the natural regenerative ability of human skin cells to drive rapid tissue regeneration and repair. 

In addition, a recent EUR 612,000 grant from EIT Food is speeding up production and sales of 3DBT's City-Mix™. City-Mix™ is an animal-free cell growth agent for culturing skin, muscle and fat cells for use in cultivated meat and leather production.

Finally, CEO Prof. Che Connon's co-authorship of "Advances in Cultured Meat Technology", which has recently been launched not only elevates 3DBT's global recognition in cultured meat but also tackles pressing food security challenges.

Che Connon, Chief Executive of 3DBT and Managing Director of BSF said: "We are delighted to be working with one of the world's largest cosmetic companies, which highlights the potential of our Etsyl product and the diverse applications of our technology. Furthermore, with an enlarged team in hand, we hope to secure further partnerships and sales for our various product offerings at an accelerated pace, and we look to the future with confidence."

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BSF Enterprise uses cell-based tissue engineering to create cultured meat, lab-grown leather, human corneas, collagen growth, and skin substitutes. This approach signifies a radical shift towards delivering sustainable solutions across a variety of sectors. 

It owns 100% of 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT), a tissue engineering with patent-protected IP that is already producing human corneas to help restore vision to millions of people and successfully produced the UK's first high-quality lab-grown meat from its laboratory in Newcastle in February this year. 

This was a key milestone for BSF, with the lab-based fillet being the first to be cultivated – and subsequently eaten by 3DBT’s management team - without the need for conventional plant-based scaffolds, blends or fillers that have previously been used by the industry to ensure structural integrity of cultivated meat products.

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