Environmental study gives Emmerson's Khemisset project a green light
Anita Riotta
Company News- 3 min read
07:47, 18th March 2019

Emmerson (EML) FOLLOW announced to investors today that its recently completed Environmental Baseline Study for the Khemisset Potash project has revealed no areas of concern regarding its scale, location, cost or profitability.

The baseline study, conducted by Moroccan environmental consultants, Phénixa, and overseen by international consultants, OTEBA, found no fatal flaws in the project-- clearing the way for Emmerson to move forward.

A scoping study completed in November 2018 served as the basis for this most recent baseline study. 

This earlier scoping study confirmed the Khemisset project to have among the lowest capital, highest margin potash projects in the world with “outstanding economics, including forecasted EBITDA margins in excess of 60% and a post-tax NPV10 of over US$1.1bn, based on industry expert price forecasts.”

Chief Executive Officer of Emmerson, Hayden Locke commented, “We are delighted with the successful completion of the Environmental Baseline Study, the results of which show there are no environmental or social red flags which could impact our planned accelerated development schedule.”

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