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How to Avoid Profit Warnings

13:55, 29th January 2024
Justin Waite
Taking Stock

How to Avoid Profit Warnings

Taking Stock on Monday 29th January 2024

Profit warnings from UK-listed companies exceed those issued in 2008

High interest rates and weakening confidence have been blamed for pushing more UK companies into issuing profit warnings.

New data from EY-Parthenon this morning show that over 18% of public firms issued warnings in 2023, which is a higher proportion than at the peak of the financial crisis in 2008

In total, 294 profit warnings were issued by businesses in 2023, which is a slight drop on the 305 in 2022 – highlighting how tough the last two years have been for companies.

- 26% in 2023 were attributed to delayed contracts or decisions.

- 19% were due to increased costs

- 19% cited the impact of higher interest rates.

The survey showed that profit warnings blamed on rising costs fell through the year, but there was an increase in warnings blamed on corporate spending delays and higher borrowing costs.

During 2023, 39 listed companies issued their third or more consecutive profit warning in 12 months.

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UK inflation expectations fall as BoE readies rates message

The British public's expectations for inflation, especially in the short term, have fallen, according to a survey that will feed into this week's debate at the Bank of England about whether to signal a move towards cutting interest rates.

Public expectations for inflation for the 12 months ahead fell to 3.9% in November and to 3.5% in December from 4.2% in October, the survey by U.S. bank Citi and market research company YouGov showed.

The BoE is expected to take a tentative first step towards cutting interest rates from their highest level in nearly 16 years on Thursday after other signs that the inflation crisis is easing off. But while the central bank might soften its message about the possibility of future cuts, investors expect no actual reduction in borrowing costs for several more months.

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UK government to ban disposable vapes to prevent use by children

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will announce plans on Monday to ban the sale of disposable vapes to prevent their use by children, and reiterate the government's intention to introduce a law preventing younger generations from buying tobacco.

Under the new powers, there would be restrictions on vape flavours, a requirement for plain packaging, and changes to how vapes, or e-cigarettes, are displayed to make them less attractive to children.

Smoking is Britain's biggest preventable killer, causing one out of four cancer-related deaths, or some 80,000 a year, the government says. In October, Sunak announced plans to pass a law which would mean that anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 2009, would be unable to buy tobacco in their lifetime.

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Evergrande: Crisis-hit Chinese property giant ordered to liquidate

Debt-laden Chinese property giant Evergrande has been ordered to liquidate by a court in Hong Kong.

Judge Linda Chan said "enough is enough" after the troubled developer repeatedly failed to come up with a plan to restructure its debts.

The firm has been the poster child of China's real estate crisis with more than $300bn (£236bn) of debt.

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