ImmuPharma engages with potential corporate partners for Lupuzor's route to market
Anita Riotta
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10:01, 16th March 2019

ImmuPharma (IMM) FOLLOW, specialist drug discovery and development company, provided a corporate update this week indicating the pharmaceutical company is in a space worth following.

Among the company’s leading assets is Lupuzor, a late stage asset for Lupus, a potentially life threatening auto-immune disease. With the drug having concluded its pivotal Phase III trial earlier in 2018, ImmuPharma is now engaging with corporate partners to support bringing Lupuzor to market. 

As part of that strategy, ImmuPharma is now in preparations for the Lupuzor Managed Access Program, in which 500 eligible patients in Europe will have early access to the medication, free of charge, for a minimum of two years.

The MAP approach allows the company to carefully monitor the effectiveness of the drug as the trial unfolds. Essential to its success is the real-time element of the data, which grants ImmuPharma regular access to ongoing results and can be used as bolster to regulatory filings.

The company advised that more updates regarding this program would be available to market in the near future.

ImmuPharma also advised investors that talks surrounding its clinical development collaboration for its Nucant Cancer Programme are ongoing, with the exclusivity period extended to the end of this month.

Lastly, ImmuPharma provided an update on its subsidiary, Ureka Sarl, which focuses on “peptides into efficient drugs for treatments in a number of therapeutic areas including Type II diabetes.” 

Last month, ImmuPharma co-authored an article that described for the first time, “the unique properties of oligourea foldamers” as vehicles for improving the pharmaceutical properties of peptides.

Peptides, the article argues, have gained wide-ranging attention in the last decade and have now become part of the main strategies for developing new medicines. Dimitri Dimitriou, ImmuPharma's Chief Executive Officer, said: “To put it simply, our technology overcomes these challenges and represents an intelligent way to design novel drugs.

The global peptide therapeutics market achieved sales of $30 billion in 2018.

In characterising the company's strategy for the future, ImmuPharma Chairman Tim McCarthy emphasised their focus on Lupuzor and search for strategic partners: "We remain focused on creating long term value throughout our portfolio through initiatives including the Managed Access Program for Lupuzor™,  whilst the Company continues to engage with industry partners for potential collaboration opportunities on its projects."

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