Mporium Group bills £1 million in revenues in each of the past two weeks
Abraham Darwyne
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09:51, 12th February 2019

Mporium Group (MPM) FOLLOW, the event-driven marketing technology firm, told investors that following the deal with Allay to be an exclusive supplier of customer acquisition and lead generation, it has yielded “significant benefits”.

Mporium managed to bill over £1 million in revenues for each of the past two weeks, this compares to £1.2 million in revenues it billed for the entire first half of 2018.

Nelius De Groot, CEO of Mporium said: "We are delighted that the Agreement has achieved such strong support from our Shareholders. This is a transformational deal for Mporium, and the benefits of this partnership are already visible in the increased revenues that we are billing.”

Shares in Mporium were up 13% following the announcement

He added: “The growth of consumer regulation is a global phenomenon and this Agreement provides Mporium with a critical footprint in lead generation within the consumer regulation sector."

Mporium said that its customer acquisition and lead generation is already starting off strong, as it reaches out via digital platforms for breaches of consumer regulation.

It expects strong growth in demand for lead generation in consumer regulation market as the increasing standardisation and prescriptive compensation continues across many industries from packaged bank accounts to flight compensation.

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