Physiomics' chemotherapy dosage tool may have "nearer term revenue potential"
Anita Riotta
Company News- 2 min read
09:26, 14th May 2019

Through an Innovate UK-funded grant project,  Physiomics (PYC) has designed a tool to help doctors discern the appropriate amount of chemotherapy for a particular patient.

Physiomics completed the tool last month with the aid of £68,000 from the Innovate UK grant. 

Normally, doctors administer a similar dosage to patients, but when considering the variability of each patient’s response to the drug this can often lead to under- or over-dosing of the chemotherapy. 

However, Physiomics’ new tool uses blood tests to give clinicians a better insight into the toxicity and efficacy of a given dose, therefore allowing them to optimize treatment for the individual patient. 

And, the company believes there is “nearer term revenue potential” than might be expected from a medical device likely to be subjected to further clinical validation, arguing it could be used earlier in research settings. 

Moreover, the tool is likely to reduce costs and health detriments, such as toxicity, associated with over-dosing chemotherapy as well as avoid the decreased efficacy that comes with under-dosing. 

The company hopes to begin the commercialization process quickly and is currently approaching potential strategic partners, clinical collaborators and grant providers to that end.

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