Veritone CEO Chad Steelberg Talks AI at CES Government 2019 Summit
Anita Riotta
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10:24, 9th January 2019

Chad Steelberg, CEO and Chairman of Veritone the creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, will join the list of top executives as a featured presenter at the CES Government 2019 this Friday.

The event is a leading government technology summit for “public sector executives to discuss key ideas and innovations critical to government.” Mr. Steelberg’s presentation will focus on the most beneficial and ethical integrations of AI into effective governance. 

Specifically, Mr. Steelberg is set to discuss Veritone’s aiWARE platform. aiWARE was created to remedy the fact that less than 0.5% of data collected is analyzed for organizational decision-making. Among its applications, aiWARE is capable of data analytics, biometric scans, and even inferring the tone behind a user’s written words.

Among Mr. Steelberg’s co-speakers will be Amy Hess, Deputy Assistant Director for Cyber, U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Teresa Carlson, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Amazon’s AWS Global Public Sector, and Sophia, the world's most advanced . 

CES Government 2019 reifies the degree to which government and technology are intertwined. As data collection accelerates and becomes an onslaught of information for governmental bodies, AI represents a viable mechanism for processing this data into decision-making practices.

Yet, it is clearly a tool whose power must be wielded wisely, for the benefit of productive and accountable governance. Summits like CES Government 2019 provide environments for leaders to not only innovate but also engage in complex discussions about best practices.

A livestream of keynote speeches, including Sophia, the world’s most social humanoid robot, is available on CES Government 2019's website.

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