Diamonds recovered from re-commissioning the plant on BOD's Thorny River project.
RNS Number: 8140 B Botswana Diamonds PLC 11 June 2019 11 th June 2019. Diamonds recovered from Thorny River Bulk Sampling. The Botswana Diamonds, associate Vutomi, received permission on 7 th June 2019 to sell diamonds recovered during bulk sampling at their Thorny River project.
Exploration projects on the rise in Botswana
Chairing a session on mining and exploration finance at the Botswana Mining Investment conference in Gaborone.
BOD's presentation to the Mining Investment Botswana conference entitled: "Raising Exploration Capital in Southern Africa: A Diamonds Perspective".
BOD's MD is in Gaborone at the Mining Investment Botswana Conference to deliver a paper entitled "Raising Exploration Capital in Southern Africa: a Diamonds Perspective" and chairing a session on a similar theme.
BOD's MD will be speaking at the Botswana Resource Sector Conference in June.
Prospecting for Solutions: Challenges facing the South African Mining Industry
Paul Zimnisky | Diamond Miners Look Poised for a Rebound
Paul Zimnisky | Diamond Miners Look Poised for a Rebound
The Thorny River diamond development project: historical context and exploration.
The story behind Botswana Diamonds plc Thorny River project.
Botswana Diamonds (BOD LN) 0.725p, Mkt Cap £4.2m – Drilling defines bulk sampling targets at Thorny River Botswana Diamonds reports that, following the recent completion of its “intensification drilling programme” on the Frischgewaagt and Hartebeestfontein farms at its Thorny River project in South Africa, it has now completed a total of 3,299m of drilling in 77 drillholes, enabling it to plan a bulk sampling programme over 3.9km of kimberlite fissures distributed across five target areas. The bulk sampling programme “will commence after the necessary regulatory approvals have been received; these are expected during the course of Q2 2019”. The Thorny River project is located adjacent to the former Marsfontein and Klipspringer diamond mines and in November last year the company announced that it had reached a contractual agreement with “an experienced mining contractor”, Palaeo Minerals to undertake both bulk sampling and future full scale mining at the project. Conclusion: We look forward to the outcome of the bulk sampling work at Thorny River in due course.
Botswana Diamonds Plc (BOD.L) Announced, an update on Thorny River project development, that the intensification drilling programme has been concluded on the farms Frischgewaagt and Hartbeesfontein which form part of the Thorny River project. The purpose of this drilling programme was to enable detailed planning for a bulk sampling (mining) programme, which will commence after the necessary regulatory approvals have been received; these are expected during the course of Q2 2019.
RNS Number: 0610 V Botswana Diamonds PLC 04 April 2019 4 th April 2019. Update on Thorny River project development. ·Bulk sampling on track to commence in Q2 2019 subject to approvals;.
#BOD Interims Q&A 26 March 2019 Vox Markets. @BotswanaDiamond.
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Botswana Diamonds is exploring in Botswana which is the best diamond address in the world. The company’s experienced team has a successful track record of discovery. This is the team that helped discover the Karowe mine in Orapa, Botswana, which produces extremely high value stones. The Botswana Diamonds team has been heavily involved in diamond exploration since the 1980’s. The previous diamond company, African Diamonds, developed deposits in Botswana, Sierra Leone and Guinea. It was very successful in finding a kimberlite mine in Botswana, one of only 20 hard-rock diamond mines found outside of Russia. This was a successful partnership with De Beers and later Lucara, part of the Lundin Group. Overall the team has accumulated experience of nearly 200 man-years in exploration, development, mining and marketing diamonds. The team is now using these accumulated skills in Botswana Diamonds (BOD), listed on AIM and the Botswana Stock Exchange. BOD has an active joint venture with Alrosa, the world’s biggest diamond company. Alrosa is using their exclusive exploration technology on the BOD ground in Botswana.


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