Oxford BioDynamics at Shanghai Forum to expand Chinese partnerships
Anita Riotta
Company News
10:40, 8th May 2019

Oxford BioDynamics (OBD) FOLLOW, a biotechnology company using the discovery and development of epigenetic markers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, is set to present at the China BIO Partnering Forum today in Shanghai. 

The company’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Alexandre Akoulitchev will be hosting the talk, titled “EpiSwitch™ Biomarkers: Practical Applications For Predictive, Prognostic And Diagnostic Patient Stratifications."

The validated EpiSwitch™ biomarker applications, the focus of the presentation, have demonstrated “high efficacy in predictive, prognostic and diagnostic patient stratifications for lung, haematological, prostate, thyroid and skin cancers.” 

Off this cutting edge biotechnology, the company has finalized its fifth collaboration agreement  with “leading pharmaceutical companies” to develop biomarkers that can be predictive for  immuno-oncology therapeutics.

Dr. Akoulitchev commented: "We are looking forward to establishing new partnerships for OBD's EpiSwitch™ technology in China. 

Our experience includes working with American and European biopharmaceutical partners to enable precision medicine initiatives through the incorporation of our proprietary, epigenetic-based biomarker platform across the research and development value chain.”

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